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Jill Lance, also known as Mrs. Insurance Lady, Cape May County, New Jersey, is your personal insurance advocate.  "Like having a cousin in the business"

Solutions, Not Excuses
In today's economic world, we need insurance solutions, not excuses.  I am here to help you solve your problems and educate you.  I offer a free, non-biased, insurance check up to every consumer in all states in all areas of insurance.  At this time, due to Obamacare Health Reform issues, I will not offer health advocacy until we have a clearer view of  for home, auto and life insurance.  I do not sell insurance.  I recommend, consult, and advise.  I can help shop it for you and do all the work to ensure that your needs are met, but, I do not sell insurance.  That's what you have an agent for. 

What I do, is help you to learn how to navigate through what can be a very complex and hard to understand insurance situation.  I make sure that you understand insurance concepts and definitions,have a working knowledge of what you have, and how to use it.  I explain in easy to understand wording and examples.  I am raising the bar on the level of expectations that every consumer deserves so that you know exactly what your money is spent on and how it impacts you. 

We hand down misinformation from generation to generation like a family heirloom. What sets me apart is the time I give you that is necessary to do a good job the first time, so that in your future, you will need my assistance less and less.


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Serving Everyone

 Who needs this service?  Everyone~! 

A young teenage driver needs to be educated about the consequences of their future driving record and how it affects their insurance rates.

Young couples starting a family and buying a home need to know not only what homeowners insurance coverage to carry, but what else they will need to set themselves up with life insurance for their expanding future.

Baby boomers who are getting ready to retire are reexamining their current policies and are just plain angry at the increasing rates.

The elderly need clarification and basic guidance in all areas of insurance, as the industry changes the rules but uses legalese rather than plain talk.  

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Visit My Office or I Will Visit You
My office mainly serves customers in the Cape May County area of New Jersey, but if a situation dictates that I need to go to someone's home or place of business, I will drive up to 2 hours. My office is also open nights and weekends to meet the needs of those who cannot afford to take time off and possibly lose pay just to have their insurance issues addressed.
Measuring up My Skills
During these last 25years in insurance, it has never been the "awards" I received from the companies that meant anything. It is the letters from customers thanking me that is the true measure of my work efforts.

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"I believe you should not have to lose income or a day's vacation to work with your insurance agent."


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